Good question and I'm sure that's why you're here. 

There are two ways you can create a ticket. First is to just email us at

Second is to use this support form.

We tried to make our help desk as easy as possible for you. If you need assistance, you can try the live chat button at the bottom right of the screen (the one with blue).

Fill out all the fields you possibly can. The more information we have, the better. If you can get us a WordPress login if you're not a monthly customer, then that would be great to have in order to quickly start on your ticket.

Here is what you can use to create a user for us in WordPress:

User: imarkinteractive

Email: support@imarkinteractive

Role: Administrator

After you submit the ticket, you will receive an email with a confirmation that we got your ticket. We will respond according to the order it was received.

Once we have the ticket, we will reply to you via email. You can just reply back to respond to the ticket. You don't have to log in to the portal to respond.