Most websites have some form of caching. Let's describe what caching does so you can understand why it's important.

Caching allows your browser to take a snapshot of a page so it can load quicker.

When you load a website, your browser has to pull all of the elements from the hosting server. When you first load a page, it will take a snapshot of those elements and as you move from page to page, it won't have to pull those elements from the server again.

This makes your site faster and browsing faster. It also takes stress of your server.

If you're not seeing changes on your site after you make them, there are two things you can do.

One is clear your website's cache. There are a few plugins that most sites use. Look for one of these things in the menu in your dashboard:

  • Clear Cache
  • Delete Cache
  • Performance > Purge Caches
  • Purge All Caches
  • Purge Cache
  • WPRocket > Clear cache
  • Breeze > Clear cache
  • Fastest Cache > Clear cache

These are just a few. What this does is clear your website cache, so people can see the changes.

The next thing you can do it open your site in an incognito mode. This is easily done in Chrome by clicking in the upper right hand corner with the three vertical dots (under the browser X), then selecting "New incognito window". This will open up a new window.

Incognito is a browser window that doesn't have a cache.

This is the best way to see your site how others might see it.

If you still can't see your changes, please submit a support ticket or use the contact form in this widget.